Stargate SG Earth Symbol Medallion


3d printed from durable plastic.

Available in 4 sizes: Small (5cm), Medium (10cm), Large (15cm), Extra Large (20cm)
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  • 3d printed from durable plastic.
  • Available in 4 sizes: Small (5cm), Medium (10cm), Large (15cm), Extra Large (20cm)


Quality; As this item is 3d printed, it is possible it may contain some minor blemishes and imperfections from the printing process. However, please be assured that we have a certain standard that all of our 3d prints must meet before they are shipped.  These minor blemishes will never affect the usability or durability of the item but please be aware of this before ordering. Dependant on the item, we use resolution as low as 0.05mm to achieve the best possible prints. We use real pictures of our printed items and the item you receive will be of the same or better quality than what is shown.

Painted items; Some of our listings offer fully hand-painted versions and we use a high quality paint to achieve an authentic finish. These are created to order and the finished product may vary slightly in appearance. If the item is not marked as being ‘painted‘, then the item you receive will be a base model that will require ‘finishing’ (i.e. light sanding/smoothing/painting) should you wish.

Eco-Friendly: Unless otherwise stated in the product description, we use PLA plastic which is derived from plant based corn starch. This is one of the most bio-degradable plastics you can use in 3d printing, whilst at the same time, still remaining durable and able to withstand everyday use.

Some of our items have been printed from models that other people have created. In these cases, your delivery will contain a small label giving credit to the original author.

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5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm


Black, Grey, Orange, White


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